About US Telemark

ustsa-logo-shield_navy-reduced-for-websiteThe US Telemark Ski Association is the governing body for the US Telemark Ski Team and Telemark Freeskiing in the United States. Telemark skiing is one of the few ski disciplines in the US which does not fall under the purview of the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization managed by enthusiastic volunteers.

Why Telemark

Telemark skiing is an exhilarating experience which channels the original essence of skiing into a modern activity, providing an opportunity to experience the outdoors, exercise, and truly enjoy the fun that is skiing. Whether is be slicing across faces before hucking cliff lines, carving GS gates and preparing for the distance jump or skinning up ridge lines to enjoy fresh tracks after a storm, Telemark skiing is the embodiment of the mentality: Why do less when you can do more.  Most of the members of the US Telemark Ski Association came to the sport because they were looking to challenge themselves and to see how they could take their ski experience to the next level.

Our Goals

The goal of USTSA is to develop the sport of telemark skiing through hosting telemark events, educating individuals and organizations on the enjoyment and benefits of telemark skiing, and organizing the US Telemark Ski Team. With regard to the US Telemark Team, there is effectively, one large goal which is to make Telemark racing an Olympic sport, and we are making progress. After beginning two years ago, this past season the entire FIS Telemark World Cup was LiveStream’ed in order to continue to make the athletes and the events more accessible and more visible. The sport has also adapted to modern viewing, having incorporated a new race format in 2012 which places the racers on adjacent courses and where they must fly off the same jump, jockey for position in the reipeløkke (the 360° banked turn before the skate), and skate together to the finish. In addition, after the success of the LiveStream (viewed by nearly 17,000 people in 136 countries) the sport was awarded an exhibition at the 2016 Junior Olympics in Lillehammer. This year, USTSA has incorporated Freeski Telemark into the organization, more fully developing our offering of telemark events.

While we have made great progress, there is still much that needs to be done, especially here in the United States. USTSA has plans to increase the number of sanctioned races and Freeski competitions each season. This corresponds with a renewed focus on membership expansion and event awareness. USTSA has undergone a significant website rebuild to offer a more visually appealing and easy-to-use interface as well as enhancing social media awareness and team member visibility.

USTSA’s vision for Telemark racing and Freeski Telemark in the US consists of established race series in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Northwest and California. On the Freeski side, we are working to develop a Western Series in order to drive increased awareness and opportunity for tele skiers to compete. USTSA is looking to establish partnerships with businesses and entities who share its vision for adventure, hard work and a fun approach to a very challenging sport.